What ever happened to the DJ?

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Not all writing is easy or comes naturally, I for one can safely say that I often struggle to put my thoughts down and articulate what I am thinking. This week at A Mind of its Own we went to the public for ideas of what our next installment should be. There were some great ideas put forward and the intellects over at Punisher23 Gaming didn’t disappoint with some politically charged suggestions that would require a great deal of investigatory work along with an unbiased opinion in order to give a voice to both sides. Unfortunately I had neither the time nor the unbiased opinion on some of their topics.

Some of the other suggestions were quite comical, while others were just downright crude, lude and too rude for a family friendly blog such as this. What we settled on at A Mind of Its Own was a topic that will take a lot of people outside their comfort zones in terms of what they believe. What is reality and what sits in the land of make believe. When I started A Mind of its own I did say that it literally could and would take on a mind of its own.

So where to start, well that’s a damn good question, I guess we need to start with the truth and how this writer went from ignorant and disbelieving because he didn’t understand nor did he want to understand to finally getting a insight into something I thought was total and utter bullshit to put it bluntly. Yoga, meditation, himalayan salts… To me it was all hippy crap. If i wanted any of that business I would be living in Nimbin smoking weed and having a great old time.

It’s no great secret I suffer anxiety and depression like so many others in the world. I battled with it for a long time before finally accepting it and seeking some help. It took me even longer to own it and talk about it with friends and family. Let’s face it despite social media and all the charities and organisations focussed on mental health and wellbeing we and I am referring to men here are still somewhat living in the past where it’s not ok to talk about your feelings or ask for some help. It is still perceived that doing so is weak and makes you less of a man.

Once I finally owned it and was able to speak up about it, I was also able to open myself up to trying new things. Yes I needed a little shove in the right direction from time to time and there is still a part of me that looks at things and questions the sanity in even trying them but the more I discover and learn the more I am open to trying new things when it comes to improving my mental health.

You could say that’s what lead me down the path of starting A Mind of its Own and writing this particular piece. Through trying new things I found that meditation allows me to process my thoughts, calming my mind allowing me to not have a torrent of thoughts bouncing around in my head like a pinball machine. It also lead me to explore consciousness and the effects mental health has on our conscious mind and our subconscious. Safe to say like Alice I went down the rabbit hole on this one. My discovery was some super cool scientist, who have a theory of everything and some explanations to questions I have been asking for years.

Everyday people are diagnosed with Anxiety, Depression, Bipolar Disorder, Schizophrenia, Attention-deficit, hyperactivity disorder, post traumatic stress disorder and obsessive compulsive disorder. These are just to name a few of the so called mental illnesses that have been diagnosed, documented and neglected in my opinion by western medicine over the years. By neglected I mean explained away as though there is something wrong with the person and the only way to treat it is through a lobotomy or drugs that make you so docile people question whether you are actually alive or part of the zombie apocalypse.

In the past we would throw anyone showing signs of mental illness into an asylum and allow the doctors to conduct atrocious experiments on them in what they would call “research” and development of ways to treat mental illness. It’s funny you say the words mental and illness together and watch the reactions on peoples faces around you. Like people with mental illnesses have a death sentence or some highly contagious disease.

Funny how a little ignorance and a lot of misunderstanding can go a long way to helping people form an opinion of those who suffer from Anxiety, Depression and various other mental illnesses. Funny thing this they are just like you and I, they have good days and bad days. Chances are there bad days a lot worse than yours though. People who suffer a mental illness have absolutely nothing wrong with them. In fact I’ll go as far to say that they feel more than your average Joe. They are in touch with the emotions where most people are not and are very intuitive.

As I said like Alice I went down the rabbit hole on this one, you can partly thank my wife and the other part is inquisitive nature. As a kid I would pull things apart to see how they worked. Mind you I could never get them back together and when I did it’s safe to say they weren’t in working order. Much to my mother’s frustration. I can’t pull apart my brain to see how it’s wired and I am not even close to being a neurosurgeon. That left me with one option, question everything, research the hell out of it and write it all down.

Now before this goes any further I am going to ask you to hear me out and reserve all judgement till the very end. Thanks to my father in law I came across a physicist named Tom Campbell. Now Tom just happened to write a book that peaked my interest well it was actually a three book series. The series being My Big T.O.E or My Big Theory of Everything. It was these books that started my exploration and want to understand more and more.

I mean the guy used to design missiles for a defence contractor and through meditation ended up writing a book about the physical and non-physical world and working with some of the world top minds to study consciousness why wouldn’t I continue to read on and try to understand his thoughts and theories on where this took take us.

So diving in like an olympic swimmer I started my exploration albeit rudimentary into the world of meditation, astral travel, higher levels of consciousness and looking after my overall mental health. I was like a machine i would exercise every morning, meditate and then head off to work where I would be productive for long hours at a time before coming home and reading more and more into the wonders of the conscious state before discussing with my wife. She was somewhat overjoyed at the fact that she’d started this whole thing and that I was actually interested in learning more about it rather than being an obnoxious arse who laughed every time she spoke about a topic that I thought was hocus pocus nonsense

How does this all relate to Mental Health issues I can hear you asking you yourself?, while others are asking why they’ve bothered to read this far into it, but are now thinking well I’ve come this far I may as well see what the crackpot has to say. Your interest is somewhat peaked though you have to admit. Where’s this all going?

Ok so let’s flip this all on its head… What if people with mental illnesses are the way they are because they are more in touch with their higher consciousness, higher being or whatever else you might like to call it. I’m talking about about our conscious self. Our connection to everything in our physical and non-physical world. There are those who believe we go on from one life to the next. That our conscious being transitions from one body to the next. Some people will call it religion although I have been told not to confuse spirituality or religion with our consciousness. You’ll note that throughout time in every major religion there has not been one female god. Has no one ever questioned that? Before we get side tracked let’s get back on track with our hypothetical about our conscious going from one body (vessel) to the next.

If this be the case, would it not be reasonable to then assume that people with Anxiety, Depression and other mental illnesses could just be more aware of this higher level of consciousness? Are they more connected with everything around them? It’s at this point that you (the reader) start thinking and questioning whether the guy that has written this is all there and whether he himself should be thrown in the looney bin. But just stop and think for a minute about all the times in your life where something has happened and you haven’t been able to explain.

I’ll be honest 5 years ago if someone had of said any of this to me and hinted that the reason I am so anxious all the time is because I am more in tune with the universe and feel everyone else’s pain and thoughts. Yeah I would of called Bullshit there and then. I still to this day question it but then I am reminded through little things that happen on a day to day basis, there are things that science can’t explain or in this case there are plenty of scientist that are working to explain it.

As an example, the other day I was sitting in my favourite chair and I was reminded of a dream I’d had a couple of months earlier. Now this dream was very vivid and I remember my mum and Gary (my step dad) being at my house. I remember what I was doing at the time and I remember the conversation we were having in my dream.

This is where it gets a little freaky… That dream became reality and we actually had that conversation the other day. Deja Vu! How do you explain it! What is it? Well if you talk to the crackpot scientist that are currently studying all this they’ll tell you that it’s a little thing called Astral travel or cross dimension travel. You haven’t gone forward in time to a future that is yet to exist, you are remembering an event from another dimension that is exactly the same as the one you are currently in.

Ok so reading this it does sound a little hokey pokey however if you allow yourself to think about it, this isn’t the first time consciousness has been introduced. Religion, Science Fiction and various other forms have touched on an ongoing consciousness or soul. Many a science fiction writer has written books or screenplays about transferring peoples conscious being from one body to another. Religions talk about coming back in the next life or being reborn.

So back to people who have mental health issues, what if they have already subconsciously tapped into a higher level of consciousness and what they are experiencing is not actually anxiety, depression of other mental health illness but an awakening of their being? What if they are able to bridge that gap between the physical and non-physical. What if they can understand the universe far better than most people on this earth. Some of the greatest minds on earth suffered mental illness throughout their lives.

To most philosophers the word consciousness connotes the relationship between the mind and the world. To writers of the the spiritual or religious realm it connotes the relationship between mind and god. Being that I am not religious and my thoughts on consciousness fall closer to the philosophers take I have to tend to agree that it is the relationship between the mind and everything around us.

There are two things that can be taken from this, are there actually higher levels of consciousness that allow us to understand and feel everything around us? And do those who suffer mental illness have an inside track to opening up those higher levels of consciousness?

I could continue writing and writing on this topic or anything really to do with mental health as I’ve taken it on my own shoulders to be a voice for those who can not or do not want to speak up but still feel empowered through others being able to stand up and say hey yeah I am a suffer! So what?

That being said if you get a chance to read it or prefer an audiobook Tom Campbell’s My Big T.O.E is available of Amazon and Audible. Or if you are a complete tight arse there is a PDF copy floating around somewhere that you can do google up yourself a copy.

Until next week enjoy the journey and hit us up on instagram!

The wonderful team at A Mind of its Own…

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